Hexagon Streaming Service

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From 645€

From 645€

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Provided by Hexagon

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The perfect base map for GIS and mapping professionals needing accuracy and currency at an affordable price.

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Hexagon Streaming Service

The HxGN Content Program is a high-quality ortho imagery streaming service for professionals in the United States and parts of Europe. Stream aerial image base maps into your geospatial and enterprise applications.

All imagery is orthorectified with 30 cm resolution coverage of the United States and parts of Europe and 15 cm resolution in metro areas (cities larger than 50,000 population) of the United States. The service provides current and accurate orthorectified imagery that meets international industry standards, is refreshed on a pre-planned schedule and available by streaming through OGC WMS/WMTS protocols.

Stream imagery using protocols such as ArcGIS, OGC WMS and WMTS directly into your GIS or enterprise application of choice, including Esri, MapInfo, and Global Mapper. Subscription fees include unlimited viewing and plotting.

Please specify in the remarks field which County, Metro area, or State in the USA, or Country in Western Europe you would like to stream.

Spatial Resolution


RMSEx/y = 0.50 m
RMSEr = 0.71 m
RMSEx/y = 1.2 m
RMSEr = 1.7 m

Delivery Method
Web Streaming
Data layers
- RGB imagery (15 cm and 30 cm)
- Color-Infrared imagery (15 cm and 30 cm)
-RGB or CIR  aerial imagery for an entire year (15 cm or 30 cm)
Delivery Protocols


Delivery Time FrameImmediate

Key features

Online library of 30 cm and 15 cm (urban areas)

Available across the United States and some parts of Europe

Optimized with the newest imagery available

 Orthorectified aerial imagery

Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) based on OGC specifications

True Color (RGB) and False Color (CIR) imagery available

Key applications


Monitoring construction sites

Analyzing roads' condition

Creating a base map for visual reference


Detecting ships and vessels

Mapping oil spills

Mapping of fishing zones


Mapping trees spatial distribution

Tree health assessment

Estimating tree annual growth


Sure. You can add Hexagon aerial imagery as WMS/WMTS/SOAP to the following software:

  • ESRI ArcMap

  • ESRI ArcGIS Pro

  • QGIS

  • Global Mapper

The pricing of Hexagon Streaming Service is subscription-based, which incudes unlimited viewing and plotting of the Hexagon imagery.

Each subscription is tailored to your desired area of interest. You can subscribe to a county, a metro, an entire state or the whole of the United States, depending on your needs. The subscription by zone enables complete cost transparency.

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Specifications for Hexagon Streaming Service

General Info
Service Provider​ Hexagon
Thematic Information Surface elevation
Service Option​s Country USA; State USA; Metro Area USA; County USA; Country EU
Access Mode​ Streaming
Pricing Options Subscription
Pricing​ Per zone
Subscription Period 12 months
Delivery Time​ Up to 5 business days
Compatible products Standalone; SaaS
Geodata Specs
Mission Aerial
Sensor & Data Products MSI
Data Processing Level Ortho
Data Format​ WMS; WMTS
Spectral Bands RGB
Spatial Resolution​ 30cm (US + EU); 15cm (US metro)
Spatial Coverage USA; Western Europe
Temporal Coverage 2020
Accuracy RMSE 1.2m (at 30cm); RMSE 0.5m (at 15cm)